Eighth Generation

1034. Fanny "Anne" Hastings was born on 1 April 1882 in Hamilton, Bermuda. She lived in 61 Park Ave., NY, NY in 1918. She died on 1 August 1950 in New York, New York Co., NY. "Fanny Hastings' proposal of marriage occurred only a day or two before we sailed. He [her intended, George] was at the steamship to see her off... he is a plain looking man but he is a man of some wealth and quite scholarly in his tastes. I think she said that next to J.P. Morgan he has the finest collection of old books in the country. He has been a widower sixteen years and has one son sixteen years old of whom Fanny is very fond...They expected to go to China on their wedding trip. He is a publisher and had some business to take him to China..."
Mary Miller Hayes, Paris France to Fanny Hayes, Dec. 6, 1917

"Fanny Hastings' wedding was this week and Emily seems much pleased by the match. She says it 'parallels' her own in many respects - the man is much older than Fanny, and a widower with one son!!"
Fanny Hayes, Washington, DC to Mary Miller Hayes, Nov. 14, 1917

"Fanny [Hastings Plimpton] has dropped [her name] Fanny for Anne. Anne Plimpton is quite a seemly name. The first Mrs. Plimpton was named Fanny; her son is Frances; there are other of the same name in the 'connections' and the result was confusion. George prefers 'Anne" as does Fanny herself"
Fanny Hayes, Spiegel Grove, to Mary Miller Hayes, Sept. 1, 1918

Fanny "Anne" Hastings and George Arthur Plimpton were married on 10 November 1917 in New York, New York Co., NY. George Arthur Plimpton was born on 13 July 1855 in Walpole, Norfolk Co., MA. He graduated in 1876 in Amherst College. He graduated in 1877 in Harvard Law School, Harvard University. George died on 1 July 1936. He appears in in Who Was Who in America, 1897-1942, pg. 977 He had additional degrees from the University of Rochester, 1912, Univ. of Richmond, 1913, Amherst, 1931, St. Lawrence University, 1934, New York Univ., 1923, Columbia Univ., 1929. He was the author of The Education of Shakespeare, The Education of Chaucer, etc. He was a publisher, member of Ginn and Co., 1882-1936.

Fanny "Anne" Hastings and George Arthur Plimpton had the following children:



Dr. Calvin Hastings Plimpton.



Emily Plimpton.