Eighth Generation

1033. Lucy Webb Hastings was born on 26 May 1880 in Columbus, Franklin Co., OH. She graduated in 1903 in Smith College. She lived in Hamilton, Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia in 1913. Lucy died on 20 February 1976 in London, England. Hayes Library has an essay from Lucy Horsfall, dated Feb. 1965, entitle "Life in an Australian Mining Town Fifty Years Ago"

Lucy Webb Hastings and William Nicholas Horsfall were married on 22 December 1909 in Hamilton, Bermuda. William Nicholas Horsfall was born on 11 May 1880 in Melbourne, Australia. He died on 19 July 1936 in London, England. William was a medical practitioner. He served in the Royal Navy as a doctor for ten years, 1902-1912. During WWI he served in the Royal Australian Navy in the Pacific (P.M.O. on HMS Grantala) and the Royal Navy in the North Sea (destroyers HMS Cleopatra and Dauntless). He practiced as a doctor for a short time, 1913-1917, in Newcastle, N.S. Wales, Australia; taught physiology for one year, 1920, in the medical school of the Univ. of Sydney. After studying in London with Sir Thomas Lewis at the University College Hospital, he brought the first electro-cardiograph back to Sydney and set up practice as heart specialist on Macquarie St. After his health broke down, Wm. returned to Bermuda in 1926, and built a house, "Miamba" on the Soncy land. In 1931, he and his family left Bermuda for London.
by Watt Marchman.

Lucy Webb Hastings and William Nicholas Horsfall had the following children:



Lucy Frances Horsfall.



Emily Margaret Horsfall.



William Russell Horsfall.