Seventh Generation

780. Henry Rutherford Elliot was born on 21 April 1849 in Woodbridge, New Haven Co., CT. He graduated in 1871 in Yale University. He died on 18 April 1906 in New York, New York Co., NY. Henry lived in Washington.4 He was a Corr. for the New York Evening Post.4 Journalist, editor and founder of the Church Economist magazine; author, The Basset Claim; the Common Chord, etc. Correspondent of the NY Evening Post, 1884 and NY Commercial Advertiser, 1887.
He served one year in the U.S. Navy as paymaster's clerk, and then taught English in the Tokyo University a year or two, returning to America in 1878. In 1897, he established the Church Economist, a religious monthly, in New York City, and conducted it till his death from pneumonia in 1906.

Elizabeth Johnstone (private).

Henry Rutherford Elliot and Elizabeth Johnstone had the following children:



Gabrielle Elliot (private).