Eighth Generation

1091. Zetta Samantha Cox1,12 was born on 13 September 1890 in East of Uhrichsville. She died on 22 May 1921 in Dennison, Tuscarawas Co., OH. She was buried in Union Cemetery, Uhrichsville, Ohio Tuscarawas County. Zetta died of tuberculosis at age 31, when Frances was 2 years old.

Zetta Samantha Cox and Job Workman Gatchell were married on 6 April 1910. Job Workman Gatchell1,12 was born on 30 December 1886. He died on 28 September 1926 in Little Stillwater Creek, Dennison, Tuscarawas Co., OH. He was buried in Union Cemetery, Uhrichsville, Ohio Tuscarawas County. See 1900 Harrison Co. census, Monroe Twp., # 57, for Elias, Martha A., Jesse W. Daisy A., Joseph B., John T., Mary P., and Lily O. Job Workman Gatchell is recorded as Dec. 1886, in family records, and is Joseph B. Unknown if error or if Joseph and Job are one in the same.
See 1920 Tuscarawas Co., Mill Twp. census for Job, Zetta, Bernice, Vernon, Mildred, and Frances. (Frances is shown as a son.)

Family history and newspaper articles indicate that Job was possibly murdered and pushed in the Little Stillwater Creek, by Paul Dell and/or James W. Hicks, of Uhrichsville/Dennison area. See newspaper articles. Charges against them were dropped after the Coroner ruled his death a suicide. Job was a good swimmer, and was found after three days of dragging Little Stillwater Creek. He had a lump on his head. Frances was 7 years old when he drowned. He had married Buelah Gilbert, his housekeeper after Zetta Samantha died and was living with her at the time of his death. His four children were each sent to a different relative to be raised. Job and Buelah had a daughter, "little Buelah".

Finding of Bloody Cap in Search For Body of Gatchell, Brings Action
Alleged Dell Sticks to Original Story But Hicks Changed His Slightly
Paul Dell, Bank St., is being held in the county jail at New Philadelphia, and James W. Hicks, rural route one was released Friday evening on $200.00 bond. Both were taken in charge at the instigation of County Coroner, J. Floyd Lewis who is holding them as material witnesses in the death of Workman Gatchell, 40, alleged to have suicided in Little Stillwater Creek last Wednesday morning.
Both were ordered held by Coroner Lewis following the finding of a blood stained cap with a hole in it and hair adhering to it, identified as belonging to Gatchell. The cap was found late Friday afternoon by men dragging the creek for Gatchell's body.
Together with the cap was found a small piece of goods that may be a piece of a shirt, also blood stained and with hair clinging to it.
Search for Gatchell's body has continued steadily since the alleged drowning. To date the cap and piece of blood stained cloth are the only clues discovered that would lead to the belief that his body is somewhere in the creek bed.
Dell was arrested at his rooming house of Mrs. Alice Gilbert, on Bank St. at 5 pm on Friday by Uhrichsville police. He was questioned shortly afterward by Coroner Lewis. Dell sticks to his original story that he stopped on the South Sixth St. bridge in Dennison , across Little Stillwater, got out of his auto and talked with Gatchell and heard the splash of Gatchell's body falling into the stream as he was about to step back into his car.
He claims the motor on his auto was running all the time he was at the bridge. He gives no reason for getting out of his auto to talk with Gatchell, rather than remaining sitting in the car. He alleges that Gatchell dropped off the side of the bridge upstream and says he saw the hair covered portion of Gatchell's head as it reappeared below the bridge.
At the time of the alleged drowning, the high water was almost a foot from the floor of the bridge. Gatchell would not make a very "loud splash" falling this distance, and the auto motor was running, according to Dell. Authorities are inclined to believe that under such circumstances, the noise of the motor would have drowned the sound of the splash.
Hicks, when questioned Friday is said to have told a slightly different tale from the one he gave immediately after the drowning. According to his story, he must have been about 75 feet from the bridge when Gatchell is alleged to have fallen into the stream.
His first story is alleged to be that he, too, had seen what he took to be Gatchell's body in the stream. Friday he is said to have declared that he did not see anything of Gatchell in the water, but took Dell's word that Gatchell had fallen in.
The admission that he had not seen anything resembling Gatchell in the water was said to have come when he was asked if it might have been a dummy he saw in the stream and might have mistook it for Gatchell.
Prosecuting Attorney, James Patrick, and his assistant, Arthur Limbach were to come to Uhrichsville Saturday evening to further investigate the circumstances surrounding the alleged drowning of Gatchell. Patrick questioned Paul Dell in the County Jail Saturday morning.

THE EVENING CHRONICLE Monday, Oct. 4, 1926
Coroner J.F. Lewis Monday was quoted as saying that unless the body of J. Workman Gatchell, 40, for whom parties of citizens and firemen of Dennison and Uhrichsville have been dragging Little Stillwater Creek below the bridge in S. Sixth St., Dennison, since last Wednesday morning, is found by nightfall Monday, a search may be made of the woods in the vicinity of the Gatchell home, and in the neighborhood and the creek in which Gatchell is supposed to have drowned.
It is reported that the physician who is attending Mrs. Buelah Gatchell, wife of the missing man, who is seriously ill at her home in Deersville Ridge Rd., has ordered authorities to refrain from questioning Mrs. Gatchell because of her condition. Mrs. Gatchell is suffering from inward goiter, which will necessitate an operation, it is said.

(Same Edition)
Little Stillwater Creek yielded up the body of J. Workman Gatchell, 40, alleged suicide, shortly before two o'clock Monday afternoon.
The remains were brought to the bank by Chief Myers and Patrolman Rea of Dennison police force, who had spent many hours dragging the stream since Gatchell is supposed to have suicided last Wednesday morning at 8:35
The remains were removed to the Lindsay Morgue in Dennison .
The body was caught beneath the surface by hooks the officers used in dragging. It was fully clothed except that his head was bare
A superficial examination disclosed no marks of violence on the body other than those that probably would be caused by drowning. The body and clothing were considerably mud be-smeared.
The remains will be held practically intact as found pending an examination by Coroner J. F. Lewis who will no doubt have medical assistance when he examines the body.
The finding of the body ended a hung engaged in by scores of persons since the morning of the alleged suicide.
Meanwhile, Paul Dell is being held at the County Jail and James Hicks is under $200. bond, as material witnesses for the coroner's inquest.

THE EVENING CHRONICLE Tuesday, October 5, 1926
Autopsy held at Lindsey Morgue, reveals no marks of violence on body.
Funeral Service Conducted Today
Dell and Hicks, Held by Corner as material witnesses in case, released.

Coroner, J.F. Lewis, following an autopsy held Monday at the Lindsey Undertaking Parlors in Dennison, found that J. Workman Gatchell, whose body was found in Little Stillwater Creek shortly before 2:00 Monday afternoon below the bridge in S. Sixth St., Dennison, had met his death by drowning and gave as his verdict, that Gatchell had suicided.
The autopsy was performed by the coroner and two local physicians, Dr. E.A. Wolf and Dr. R.A. Wilson. According to the coroners report, no marks of violence were found on the body.
Paul Dell, Bank St., who was being held in the county jail by the coroner as a material witness, was released by the Coroner at 8:00 Monday night, following the autopsy.
Dell had been talking to Gatchell on the bridge just prior to the suicide, and was preparing to leave when he heard a splash. Turning around, he saw that Gatchell had disappeared.
James Hicks, who was under bond, also as a witness, was released from bond by Coroner Lewis.
Prosecuting Attorney, Patrick, intimated Tuesday morning that further investigation might be made.
The body of Gatchell was recovered by Chief Martin Meyers and Patrolman Orv Rea of the Dennison police department just a few hundred yards below the bridge from which Gatchell jumped last Wednesday morning at 8:30. The body was close to the bank of the creek and was brought to the surface with grappling hooks. Parties of citizens, police, and firemen had been dragging the creek continuously from Thursday morning until Monday noon.
The body was taken immediately to the Lindsey Funeral Parlors and the Coroner was called. Hundreds of persons viewed the remains Monday afternoon and evening. The case had attracted much attention because of the inability of searching parties to find the body.
Many varied theories were built up from the finding last Friday afternoon of a cap identified as Gatchell's, which was located by searching parties dragging the creek. The cap, according to the report, had a hole in it, and a bit of hair adhered to it. However, no marks were found on Gatchell's head that would bear out any of these theories.
Funeral services for Gatchell were held at the Lindsey Funeral Parlor Tuesday afternoon at 2:00. Burial was made in Union Cemetery in Uhrichsville, Ohio.

Note from author: Neighbors indicated that they heard Dell and Hicks arguing with Gatchell on the bridge, prior to the incident.

Unknown if the investigation continued.

Zetta Samantha Cox and Job Workman Gatchell had the following children:



Bernice Marie Gatchell.



Vernon Alpheaus Gatchell.



Mildred Irene Gatchell.



Frances Isabel Gatchell.