Seventh Generation

733. Larkin Goldsmith Mead Jr. was born on 3 January 1835 in Chesterfield, Cheshire Co., NH. He lived in Florence, Italy in 1870. He died on 15 October 1910 in Florence, Italy. Larkin was buried in English and American Cemetery outside Florence. He appears in in Ohio State Journal, Aug. 24, 1867 - sketch by R.H. Mather for the NY Evening Gazette "Larkin, the snow-statue artist and sculptor of the Ethan Allen statue for the monument at Burlington, is a quiet, silent youngster said to be engaged (so don't set your cap for him) to a pretty damsel of St. Albans."
RBH to Laura Platt, Sept. 20, 1858

"Larkin arrived in the County a short time since, with his beautiful Venetian wife. They were married on the 26th of February. We are very much pleased with her. Larkin is now in New York preparing for an exhibition of some of the statuary he brought home with him" Larkin G. Mead, Brattleboro, VT to RBH, April 18, 1866

"The most distinguished member of the family is Larkin G. Mead, a sculptor of wide reputation. You may have heard of him as the boy who made the snow statue in Brattleboro twelve or fifteen years ago. He is the sculptor and architect of the great Lincoln Monument at Springfield, Illinois, and his studio in Florence probably receives as many orders as that of any artist."
RBH to Albert Dickerman, Feb. 22, 1870

Marietta Di Benvenuti (private).