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Lucy Webb Hayes
C-SPAN First Ladies Series - Lucy Hayes
Birchard Austin Hayes
Webb Cook Hayes
Rutherford Platt Hayes
Joseph Thompson Hayes
Fanny Hayes
George Crook Hayes
Scott Russell Hayes
Manning Force Hayes
Hayes Family Genealogy



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George Crook Hayes is one of the infants in this painting.George Crook Hayes
the fifth child of Rutherford B. and Lucy Webb Hayes, was born September 29, 1864 at Chillicothe, Ohio, while Hayes was serving with the 23rd Ohio Volunteer Infantry. George Crook was named for General George Crook, President Hayes' favorite commander. Hayes described this son as "stout - and very pretty - the most promising of any child we have had." George Crook Hayes died of scarlet fever at the Hayes residence on West Sixth Street in Cincinnati, Ohio, May 24, 1866. Rutherford B.. Hayes mourned the loss of this son deeply through the years, perhaps more than any of the couple's three children who died before their second birthdays. Hayes wrote in his diary that George was a handsome, fair-haired child who resembled his Aunt Fanny Platt. George Crook was buried May 25, 1866, at Spring Grove Cemetery, Cincinnati, Ohio.