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Lucy Webb Hayes
C-SPAN First Ladies Series - Lucy Hayes
Birchard Austin Hayes
Webb Cook Hayes
Rutherford Platt Hayes
Joseph Thompson Hayes
Fanny Hayes
George Crook Hayes
Scott Russell Hayes
Manning Force Hayes
Hayes Family Genealogy



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Joseph Hayes is one of the infants in this painting.Joseph Thompson Hayes
the fourth son of Rutherford B. and Lucy Webb Hayes was born December 21, 1861, at Cincinnati, Ohio. She was assisted during her delivery by her brother Dr. Joseph Webb. Dr. Webb was serving as the surgeon of the 23rd Ohio Volunteer Infantry, the regiment his brother-in-law Rutherford B. Hayes commanded during the Civil War. Affectionally called "little Joseph," by his brothers, Joseph Thompson was a "miniature likeness" of Rutherford B. Hayes, according to Lucy Hayes. On June 15, 1863, Lucy Hayes, her four sons, and her mother traveled to Camp White, West Virginia, where the 23rd Ohio Volunteer Infantry was quartered. Within a matter of days, Joseph Thompson became ill. He died June 24, 1863. Hayes believed the cause was complications brought about by teething and dysentery. Joseph Thompson's burial on July 24, 1863, at Spring Grove Cemetery in Cincinnati, Ohio, was overseen by Lucy's brother, Dr. James Webb. Webb had resigned from military service because of poor health. In later years, Lucy stated that the "bitterest hour of her life" was when she stood by the door of the cottage at Camp White and saw "the boat bear the lonely little body away."