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Sidney Frohman Foundation Sponsor for Sandusky City Schools
Unique Fabrications Sponsors for Fremont 4th Graders
Materion Sponsors 4th Grade Students Visit to Hayes Center
White Family Charitable Fund of the Tiffin Charitable Foundation Sponsors Calvert Catholic
Toledo Community Foundation Sponsors East Broadway Elementary
Exchange Club of Fremont Sponsors Students from St. Joseph
Dorn Foundation Sponsors Visit for Monroeville 4th Grade Students
US Bank Sponsors Visit for 4th Grade Students from Sacred Heart
KF Construction Sponsors Clyde-Green Springs Students' Visit to the Hayes Presidential Center
Key Bank Sponsors Noble Elementary
Croghan Colonial Bank Sponsors Old Fort Students Visit to the Hayes Center
Key Bank Sponsors Margaretta Students
Earl & Geraldine Heuer Foundation Supports Burroughs Elementary
Toledo Community Foundation Sponsors Raymer Elementary
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Curriculum Connections program

A three-part “Satellite Classroom Experience” that supports Ohio Academic Content Standards and 3rd-, 4th-, and 5th-grade level indicators for Social Studies and English/Language Arts.

The program is designed specifically for 3rd, 4th and 5th grade students who will be making a site visit to the Hayes Presidential Center.

We can help schools finance their site visit! If your district cannot afford the costs of bus transportation and/or admissions to the Hayes Museum and Hayes Home, we will try to find a sponsor to fund expenses your district cannot cover. For information email Dustin at

Touring the Red Parlor of the Hayes Home - recently restored to its look during President Hayes' life.I. PowerPoint 1: pre-visit activities (Approximately 30 minutes)

“Exploring Ohio’s Past: A Visit to the Hayes Presidential Center”

1. A fully narrated PowerPoint using the Hayes Presidential Center’s historic photographs, artifacts, maps, graphics, video, audio clips, and the physical environment of the estate of President Rutherford B. Hayes.

2. In addition to learning about the life and presidency of Rutherford B. Hayes, “Exploring Ohio’s Past” offers opportunities to address Ohio Social Studies Academic Standards through an exploration of Ohio’s past and how its people, places, and events intersected with and influenced our nation’s history. To access information on targeted Social Studies Academic Standards, click here.

II. On-site visit to the Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Center

1. Classroom work with “Exploring Ohio’s Past,” complements students’ on-site visit to the Hayes Presidential Center, where both students and teachers tour the Hayes Home and Hayes Museum.

Students learn about the President's life in Spiegel Grove and the White House during a tour of the Dining Room.2. Students experience firsthand the 31-room historic home of one of Ohio’s two-time governors and America’s 19th president. Through grade-appropriate tours given by knowledgeable guides, students learn about President Rutherford B. Hayes, the Hayes family and the splendor and hardships of Victorian life in Ohio.

3. On display in the Hayes Museum are more than 2,000 original artifacts, photographs, documents, clothing, and household possessions. The enduring appeal of the authentic offers students a deeper understanding of the Hayes family and greater insights into the lives of their own ancestors.

III. PowerPoint 2: post-visit activities that support English/Language Arts academic content standards and 3rd-, 4th-, and 5th-grade level indicators

How Can We Learn More?”
Primary sources offer open-ended opportunities for teachers to encourage students’ curiosity and creativity and strengthen critical thinking skills. To access information on targeted English/Language Arts Academic Standards, click here.

1. Following their on-site visit, students can “learn more” through lesson plans developed by their teachers using the second PowerPoint component titled “How Can We Learn More?” that connects directly to the Hayes Presidential Center’s website.

2. Website access taps more of the institution’s vast holdings of books, primary sources, and original artifacts.

3. Available for post-activities are more than 5,500 historic photographs of Ohio’s people and places; thousands of original artifacts; maps; diaries and letters of President Rutherford B. Hayes and those of Ohio settlers; genealogies; area histories; and tools and instructions for students to research their own families.

To access a Glossary of words used in the DVDs, click here.

Curriculum Connections allows teachers and students to better connect with our nation’s past, Ohio’s history, and our local history while addressing Ohio’s Social Studies and English/Literature Academic Standards.

For specifics about planning a site visit to the Hayes Presidential Center, click here.
To check date availability please complete the Reservation Form.

Kids will be kids! Students wave for the camera as they look up to the four-story lantern at the top of the Hayes Home.