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Erie Islands Miscellaneous Files II

1. Canals

2. Chicago and Cleveland Harbor Articles

3. Flags and Miscellaneous Maps

4. Hayes Family (Webb C. Hayes, 1919)

5. Hamilton Collection Information

6. Milton Hersberger

7. Canadian History

8. Gunboats, Civil War

9. Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin History

10.Ohio History

11.Lakeside, Ohio


13.Lorain, Ohio Harbor Prints

14.Marine Publications, Applications

15.Mining – Lakes Superior and Huron

16.Articles for Speeches, ca. 1940

16.Lake Erie Islands

17.Miscellaneous Materials on Foreign and Domestic Shipping

18.Miscellaneous Great Lakes Materials

19.New York (East Coast)

20.Pan American Exposition, 1901

21.People (general)

22.Put-in-Bay (South Bass Island)

23.Put-in-Bay Steamer