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Civil Warriors: Thomast Nast & Petroleum V. Nasby
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Robert H. Caldwell #439 GAR Post with Biographical Sketches and Names of Members
Sandusky Co. Military Medical Exemptions: August 1865
19th Century Civil War Poetry Collection



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Civil War Poetry Books

19th Century Collection

ADAMS, Robert C. Story of the Union in Rhyme. 1891. Illustrated. Some Civil War poems.

ALDRICH, Thomas Bailey. The Poems of Thomas Bailey Aldrich. 1882. Collected edition.

ALGERTON, Frank. Columbia: An Epic Poem of the Late Civil War. Vol. 1. 1893.

BALL, Mrs. C. A. The Jacket of Grey. 1876. Scarce pamphlet book.

BEERS, Ethel Lynn. All Quiet on the Potomac. 1879.

BOKER, George Henry. Poems of the War. 1864.

BOOTH, Emma Scarr. The Family of Three, Iesuina, and Other Poems. 1893. Civil War section.

BOYLE, Esmeralda. The Story of Felice. 1873. Signed.

BOYLE, Virginia Frazer. The Other Side. 1893. Signed.

BROWNE, Francis F. Bugle-Echoes: Poems of the Civil War. 1886. Best 19th Century Anthology.

BROWNELL, Henry Howard. War Lyrics. 1866.

BUTTERWORTH, Hezekiah. Songs of History. 1887. Poem “Chickamauga.”

BYERS, S.H.M. The March to the Sea. 1896.

CARMICHAEL, Sarah E. Poems. 1866. Civil War section.

CARY, Alice. Ballads, Lyrics, and Hymns. 1874. Popular edition. Contains “The Young Soldier.”

CHILTON, W.P. Columbia: A National Poem. 1880. Signed.

CLARKE, Thomas. Sir Copp: A Poem for the Times. 1866. Anti-Copperhead.

COAN, Leander S. Better in the Mornin’. 1880.

DARLEY, F.O.C. A Selection of War Lyrics. 1864. Anthology.

DONNELLY, Eleanor. Poems. 1892. A section of Civil War poems.

DORR, Julia C.R. Poems. 1872.

FACKRELL, Mary. Poems. 1872. A few Civil War poems included.

FINCH, Francis Miles. The Blue and the Grey. 1909. Separate publication. Often anthologized.

GANYARD, A. O. Talisman of Battle and Other Poems. 1864.

GOULD, Alta Isadore. The Veteran’s Bride.1894.

HARDAWAY, Sally Gaines (1832-1873). Poems. 1943. Signed by editor.

HARTE, Bret. Poems. 1871.

HASSLER, C.C. Bullets and Blossoms. 1899.

HAYNE, Paul H. Poems of Paul Hamilton Hayne. 1882. Complete Edition. Civil War section.

HOWE, Julia Ward. Later Lyrics. 1866. First book publication of “Battle Hymn.”

HOWE, Julia Ward. Reminiscences: 1819-1899. 1899. Fold-out of “Battle Hymn” manuscript.

JONES, Amanda T. Poems. 1867. Some Civil War poems.

KAIL, Mary E. Crown Our Heroes. 1887.

KELLY, Mrs. M.A.B. A Volume of Poems. 1892.

KNOWLES, Sarah E. (Bolton). Orlean Lamar. 1864. First book. Scarce. Some Civil War.

LANIER, Sidney. Poems of Sidney Lanier. New Edition. 1896. Edited by wife. Some Civil War.

LARCOM, Lucy. Poems. 1869. A section of Civil War poems.

LATIMER, E. Gettysburg and Other Poems. 1872. Scarce.

LOWELL, James Russell. The Poetical Works of James Russell Lowell. 1899. Civil War section.

MARKHAM, Edwin. Lincoln and Other Poems. 1901.

MASON, Caroline. The Lost Ring and Other Poems. 1891. Some Civil War poems.

MASON, Emily, ed. The Southern Poems of the War. 1867. Confederate anthology.

MELVILLE, Herman. Battle Pieces. Modern Edition. 1964.

MOORE, Frank, ed. The Civil War in Song and Story. 1889. Anthology.

PENNYPACKER, Isaac. Gettysburg and Other Poems. 1890.

PIATT, Sarah. That New World: Selected Poems. 1999. Civil War, Lincoln, slavery poems.

PRESTON, Margaret Junkin. Beechenbrook. 1867. 7th thousand.

PROCTOR, Edna Dean. Poems. 1867. 1st book. A section of Civil War poems.

RANDALL, James Ryder. Maryland, My Maryland. 1908.

READ, Thomas Buchanan. The Wagoner of the Alleghenies. 1863.

READ, Thomas Buchanan. The Wagoner of the Alleghenies, Sheridan’s Ride, and Summer Storm. 1869.

ROSEBOOM, Jane. Poems on Various Subjects. 1871. Civil War section.

RYAN, Abram J. Poems: Patriotic, Religious, Miscellaneous. 1896.

SHALER, Nathaniel Southgate. From Old Fields. 1906.

SHERWOOD, Kate Brownlee. Camp Fire, Memorial Day, and Other Poems. 1885. Toledo poet.

SIMMS, William Gilmore. War Poetry of the South. 1866. Comprehensive anthology.

TAYLOR, Bayard. The Poems of Bayard Taylor. 1865. A few Civil War poems.

TAYLOR, Benjamin F. Complete Poetical Works. 1886. Presentation copy. Gen. Steedman poem.

THOMPSON, John R. Poems of John R. Thompson. 1920. John S. Patton, ed. Only edition.

TIMROD, Henry. Poems. 1873. Poet of the Confederacy.

TRUMBULL, Truman. The New Yankee Doodle. 1868.

WASHBURN, Henry. The Empty Chair.

WHITE, George Merrill. Poems. 1892. Signed by his wife.

WHITE, Richard Grant. Poetry of the War. 1866. Anthology.

WHITMAN, Walt. Drum Taps. Somerset Edition, c. 1950.

WHITNEY, J.H. War Ballads: The Brave Days of Old. 1884.

WHITTIER, John G. In War Time. 1864. Later printing.

WHITTIER, John G. The Tent on the Beach. 1869. Later printing.

WILLSON, Forceythe. The Old Sergeant. 1867.

WORK, Henry C. Marching Through Georgia. 1889. Illustrated music book.