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Friends of the Hayes Obituary Index

Just as an obituary can be an essential piece of your search for an ancestor, your support is an essential piece of our website .

Thanks for your contribution!

John P. Collins

Brianne Nelson In Memory of Wilford B. Nelson

Eve Dougherty Yaekel In Memory of her Great-Grandfather, Christopher Dougherty

Nancy Stanford

Bruce Buzbee, President of RootsMagic, Inc.

Judith E. Sweany

Judith A. Pocock In memory of Bernadine Horning Peck

Rebecca Baker Hill In Honor of the Hayes Obituary Volunteers

Mr.& Mrs. William N. (Bill) Oliver In memory of their daughter, Sarah Janet Oliver Overberg

Jill Carter Knuth

Elizabeth Ann Savage

Christine Bodi In memory of my grandparents Mr. and Mrs. Isaac Bodi
and Mr. and Mrs. Charles Few

Michelle M. Posner In memory of Raymond Arthur Meyer and his wife, Bernadette Helena (Barman) Meyer.

Barbara Fleshman In memory of her Nahm ancestors.

Ella Mae Holmes Baker Peters In memory of her Douglass ancestors who appear at the top of the page.

Martha Belch

Geraldine Barbeau

Caroline M. Draime

Margaret Minich

Dorothy Cox

James E. Deemer
In Memory of Jack and Margaretta Deemer

Natalie M. Bredbeck

Janis Burke In Memory of Virginia Grathwol

Mr. & Mrs. Harold Dittemore In Memory of Gladys Keithly Madden

Mr. & Mrs. Patrick McGrady

Mr. & Mrs. Carl K. Miller In Memory of Mr.& Mrs. John Sage, Mr. & Mrs. George Ryder and Mr. & Mrs. Reginald Ryder

Mr. & Mrs. John Paul

Mr. & Mrs. Doug Ricci

Mr. & Mrs. Don Speck

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Stein

Ms. Sandra A. Studebaker In Memory of Charles and Virginia Fox

Miss Sandra L. Zenser

Mr. & Mrs. John Zinkand

Dorothy Wagner In Memory of Dewey and Dollie Wagner

Parmelia Boyer, Mary Jane Gibson, Beth Perry, Joe Perry and Gene Perry
In Memory of Jane W. Perry

Irene E. and William E. Wolf

Patricia Dwyer In Memory of the Louis Gessner and Anthony Young Families

C. June Chapin In Memory of George Chapin

Donna Kirsch In Honor of Roy and Martha Kirsch

James Reed Foos In Memory of Florence Marlene Foos

Joan E. Shurtliff

John and Agnes Chambers

Lyle and Shirley Sibold In Memory of John and Velva Sibold

Rebecca A. Cook In memory of Harold and Luella (Soule) Engler

Mary W. Jones

Barry A. McEwen

Warren L. Watts In Memory of Jacob A. and Estella (Schwartz) Swint

Herb & Nancy Wright

Shirley A. Sheffer

Merv Hall

Juanita Edgar In Memory of the Phillips and McGrath Families

Sharon and Roger Grant In Memory of the John G. and John A. Grant Families

Karen C. Billman

Robert & Karen Hoppler

Beverly B. Shute

Mary Jane Goss In Memory of Mary Gilson Witscher

Wilma Le Jeune

William F. and Rea K. Ripple In Honor of Our Marriage 11/27/1971

Delores A. King

Joel Babione In Memory of Edmund, Genevieve, and John Babione

Irene E. Byrne In Memory of Charles Byrne

Linda Gernert Houyouse

Michael Stiger

Michael F. and Janice Wittich

Leanna Shaberly In Memory of Eldon and Clarice Elder, Bloomdale, Ohio

Mrs. Juanita Edgar In Memory of William R. Edgar

Tom Kihlken

Venus Breinich In Memory of her grandparents, Everett & Marie Albright

Thomas Daniszewski In Memory of Albert A. Daniszewski and wife, Margaret R. Schell

Scott Phillips In Memory of his great aunt, Lillian Brown

James G. Weaver, Jr. In Memory of Michel Weber