What is History Day?

National History Day is a nation-wide event that provides students, grades 4-12, with the opportunity to conduct their own historical research and present it to the public.  By either creating an exhibit, a website, a documentary, a paper, or a performance, students have the ability to go through the process of acquiring information, internalizing their material, and teaching others what they have learned.  

The Hayes Presidential Library is the proud host of Ohio’s District 2 contest.  Each year in March, the Hayes Center welcomes over 100 students to display their projects to the public.  Many of these projects are then sent on to the state competition in Columbus where they may qualify for the national competition in Maryland.

Throughout the United States, into U.S. territories, and even internationally, History Day now includes nearly 600,000 participants yearly.  This event has received such notice that in 2011 President Barack Obama awarded National History Day with a National Humanities Medal.


Infographic from OHXhttp://www.ohiohistory.org/OHC/media/OHC-Media/Documents/WhyOhioHistDayInfographic.pdf

Ohio History Day Sitehttp://www.ohiohistory.org/learn/education-and-outreach/ohio-history-day

National History Dayhttp://www.nhd.org/

2015 Theme: Leadership and Legacy

The purpose of a theme is to encourage students to think beyond history as the memorization of people and dates.  Instead, students are required to think about the long term effects of events and their impact on modern society.  Using this year’s theme as an example, History day prods students to think about a past leader or innovation, and consider the importance of that leadership or movement beyond that individual’s time. (From the national website)

Winners from 2015

Junior Group Website:

  • Baron Crase, Max Malin, and Tyler Baker – Joseph Stalin: Reign of Terror (Sailorway Middle School)
  • Audrey Watson, Madison Brace, and Kaitlin Miller – Rosa Parks: Civil Disobedience (Margaretta Elementary)
  • William Gehlhausen, Troy Miller, Cayden Orshoski, and Spencer Michel – Tuskegee Airmen: Legendary Heroes (Margaretta Elementary)

Junior Individual Website:

  • Devyn Aceto – Hammurabi’s Code: The World’s First Laws (Margaretta Elementary)
  • Josh Parsons – The Buckeye Bullet (Sailorway Middle School)
  • Brock Rudolph – Wright Brothers: The Revolution of Transportation (Margaretta Elementary)

Junior Group Documentary:

  • Elliana Schaefer and Aubrey Thomas – Anna Mae Hayes: Leading the Nurse Corps (Margaretta Elementary)

Junior Group Performance:

  • Sadie Awbrey, Addison Foreman, Josephine Stark, and Jessica Opfer – Napoleon: Breaking the Traditions of War (Margaretta Elementary)

Group Exhibits:

  • Emma Haber and Alexis Herchler – Walt Disney: Animating America (Sailorway Middle School)
  • Lauren Wood and Amanda Lee – King of Rock and Roll (Sailorway Middle School)
  • Liberty Oliver, Alex Canter, Jonah Collins, and Cody Shaw – iLead: Steve Jobs’ Legacy of Technology (Sailorway Middle School)
  • Grace Maurer and Syndey Cavanaugh – Clara Barton (St. Peter’s Junior High School)
  • Haley Ritchie, Makenna Bishop, and Natalie Morris – Jonas Salk: Medical Hero (Sailorway Middle School)
  • Bethany Marple, Madison Dunn, Autumn Simpson, and Jayden Thompson – Elizabeth Blackwell: Remodeling the Medical World (Sailorway Middle School)
  • Racquel Friend, Kameron Caskey, and Tiffany Bartlome – Oskar Schindler: A Hero in Disguise (Sailorway Middle School)

Individual Exhibits:

  • Hannah Philips – John Mercer Langston (Norwalk Catholic School)
  • Michael Rock – Blacks in the NFL (Norwalk Catholic School)
  • Samantha Ott – Elvis Presley (Saint Joseph Monroeville)
  • Madison Todd – Coco Chanel: Corsets to Curves (Sailorway Middle School)
  • Anthony Cefalu – The Nutcracker Ballet (Norwalk Catholic School)
  • Kylie McDonnell – Mother Teresa’s Loving Legacy (Norwalk Catholic School)
  • Chase Selka – Henry Ford (Saint Joseph Monroeville)

Senior Paper:

  • Robert Joerg – Leadership and Legacy of Winston Churchill (Fremont Ross High School)