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Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential



Charles E. Frohman




Biographical Sketch

Scope and Content





Charles E. Frohman, Sandusk= y, Ohio, donated this research material to the Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Center. It represents only= a portion of the much larger co= llection donated by Mr. Frohman.


Biographical Sketch


Born in 1901 in Sandusky, Ohio, Charles E. Frohman wa= s the son of Daniel and Helen (Wagner) Frohman.&= nbsp; He graduated from the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania.  In 1926, he graduated from the Yale Law School with a juris doctorate degree.  He joined t= he law firm of King, Ramsey, Flynn & Pyle, which became King, Flynn & Froh= man, and ultimately Flynn, Frohman, Buckingham, Py & Kruse.  He married Elisabeth Dunsmore and = was the father of two sons, Daniel and David.

In 1932, he became general counsel of Hinde & Dauch Paper Company.  He later became director of the co= mpany, vice president in 1941, and president in 1949.  Mr. Frohman served as director of = the company’s Canadian subsidiary in 1940 and its vice chairman in 1951.<= span style=3D'mso-spacerun:yes'>  He also was elected director of th= at company’s subsidiaries, Corrugated Paper Box Company and Hilton Broth= ers Incorporated.  With the 1953 m= erger of Hinde & Dauch and West Virginia Pulp and Paper Company, Mr. Frohman assumed directorship of the company as well.

Mr. Frohman served on the boards of the Third National Bank, American Cr= ayon Company, Cedar Point, O-P Craft Company, Lake Erie Broadcasting Company, an= d Sky Tours, Inc. He served  terms as trustee of Good Samaritan Hospital, = Sandusky, Ohio; the Hayes Presidential Center, Fremont, Ohio; an= d the Ohio Historical Society, Colum= bus, Ohio. He also served a term= as vice president and then as president of that organization. Mr. Frohman also served as head of the Ohio Chamber of Commerce. He held memberships in nume= rous other civic and business organizations.   

Deeply interested in the history of Northwest Ohio, Lake Erie, and the <= st1:place w:st=3D"on">Erie Islands, Mr. Frohman developed a significant collection of manuscripts, cartographi<= span style=3D'font-family:Times;color:black'>cs, books, and more than 20,000 photographs. From commercial shipping and ice harvesting, to environmental research, early aviation and island leisure activities, Mr. Frohman documen= ted the social, cultural, and economic history of northern Ohio during the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

Mr. Frohm= an was the author of ten books on the area’s history: History of Sandusky and Erie County, Rebels on Lake Erie, Sandusky’s Yesterdays, Cedar Point Yesterdays,= Sandusky’s Editor, Sandu= sky Potpourri, Sandusky Area Miscellany, Sandusky’s Third Dimension, Put-in-Bay, an= d Milan and the Milan Canal. He also contributed numerous articles to historical journals, including the= Hayes Historical Journal. Mr. Frohman died at Sandusky, Ohio, in 1976.

Scope and Content=


The collection is primarily composed of the local hist= ory research materials created and/or acquired by Mr. Frohman in his efforts to preserve, speak, and write about the history of Sandu= sky, Ohio, the Eri= e Islands, = Lake Erie, and its southern shoreline communities.


The collection, spanning the years from 1848 to 1975, = can be divided into three major components: (1) materials associated with the publication of Mr. Frohman’s ten local history books; (2) the local history research materials created and collected by Mr. Frohman as he attem= pted to document the area’s history: early settlement, towns and townships, buildings, residents, businesses, homes, political issues, events, organizations, transportation, education, and the area’s social and cultural life during the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries; (3) Hinde and Dauch photographic prints and negatives.


Boxes= 1, 2, 14 through 27, 30, and 31 include research files; copi= es of speeches given by Mr. Frohman on a variety of local history topics; correspondence with researchers and Sandusky, Ohio, residents; subject in= dexes of area newspapers; records of area businesses and institutions; and origin= al documents and photographs. Boxes 3 through 13 contain research notes, galleys, typescripts, proofs, and drafts of the ten local history books Mr. Frohman wrote from 19= 65 to 1976. Boxes 28 and 29 hold photographic prints and negatives of activities at Hinde & Dauch during the 1950s.  Seven albums contain more than 3,500 mm slides that Mr. Frohman used in his lectu= res to school, civic, and business groups. Many of the slides are from negatives and prints created by early area photographers who had photographed the Erie Islands, the area’s towns, buildings, railroads, street scenes, businesses, aviation manufacturing, shipping, and ice harvesting. Also incl= uded are reproductions of maps and citizens’ portraits. Mr. Frohman donated the originals, reprints, flexible negatives and, in many cases, the glass n= egatives from which the slides were created. A card index for the originals is avail= able in the Library Reading Room.  = The index was converted to electronic format.&= nbsp; It appears online at the Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Center web site at


While some of the materials are original, most of the = files contain handwritten notes, microfilm prints and photocopies of newspaper articles, photocopies and transcriptions of business and local government r= ecords, photographic reprints, flexible negatives, and 35 mm slides. Original brochures, pamphlets, correspondence, books, and photographs are also a par= t of this collection. The subject headings and the arrangement of the files were= the work of the creator.


The newspaper indexes found in this collection also ex= ist in an index card format.  The card index and microfilm of the indexed newspapers are housed in the Library Rea= ding Room. Oversized items have been removed from the collection and placed in t= he Oversized Area.  Cross-referen= ces to oversized items appear in the original files. 




   =   33 linear feet


     Box 1


   =   Speeches, Interviews, Correspondence, and Research Notes


  1. Clyde Albright Interview, n. d.
  2. Historical Walk Down Railroad St= reet, n. d.
  3. Historical Walk, Downtown Sandusky, Ohio, n. d.
  4. Historical Walk, East End, Sandusky<= /st1:City>, Ohio, n. d.
  5. Historical Walk, West Water Stre= et, n. d.
  6. Household Inventory, n. d.
  7. School Talk (outline), n.d.
  8. Correspondence CEF to Mel Harmon (Sandusky Newspapers, Inc
  9. Correspondence with OHS - 5/22/48 thru 4/3/59 and n.d.
  10. Correspondence from Midland Rare Book Co. - 12/7/65 and unknown publications list n.d= .
  11. Correspondence with RBH Library - 4/14/66
  12. Miscellaneous correspondence - 6/12/68 and n.d.
  13. Correspondence from Camp Fire Council - 1/25,26/70
  14. Correspondence from Alice Arnold to CEF - 3/17/70
  15. Correspondence from Mr. Julius Nuhali - 5/6/70
  16. Miscellaneous correspondence to CEF - 10/19/71
  17. Lyme Church - 6/23/73 - Rev. Will = Cook
  18. Grill Meats story - 10/9/73 - Gordon Erickson
  19. Beginnings of Sandusky - 3/28/74 - (CEF)
  20. Firelands Stories – Firelands Historical Society - 4/18/74-Henry Timman
  21. Correspondence from Helen M. Hansen to CEF - 1/23/75
  22. Correspondence from AM. Business Women’s Association
  23. Preservation and Restoration - 10/15/75 - Robert Gaede
  24. Correspondence from Smith, Hinchman and Grylls (Architects) - 7/20/76
  25. Correspondence to “Mr. Holkman”- 7/30/76


Box 2


      Newspapers Indexes


  1. &nbs= p; 5/28/1941(end) index
  2.    &nb= sp;  10. “Erie County Reporter” Huron, Ohio, 1/8/1880 - 1928 index

    1. “Milan Tribune” 9/22/1843 - 4/1/1851 index
    2.  “Commercial Advertiser&#= 8221; Huron, Ohio, 1/24/1837 - 3/1842 index
    3.  “Stubig’s Weekly&#= 8221; 2/6/1915 – 1918 index
    4. “Huron County Reporter” 1931-1968 index
    5. “Norwalk Reflector” 4/7/1827-12/31/1868 index
    6. Buffalo, New York, Newspapers index


    Box 3


          Manuscr= ipts - Put-In-Bay<= /p>


    1. Correspondence regarding Put-In-Bay
    2. Frank E. Hamilton correspondence
    3. Gorden Wendt’s Steamboat Chapter
    4. Illustrations, Captions, and Credits-Put-In-Bay
    5. Air Service
    6. John Brown Jr.
    7. Church
    8. Early Days
    9. Fish Hatchery
    10. Fishing 
    11. Geological Caves
    12. Gilbraltar Island
    13. Grape Culture Flora
    14. Hotels
    15. Ice Boating
    16. Ice Fishing
    17. Ice Harvest
    18. Langlois
    19. Miscellaneous
    20. Perry Monument/Victory
    21. Resort Days
    22. De Rivera
    23. Regatta
    24. Put-in-Bay Town Hall
    25. Winter
    26. First Draft P= ut-in-Bay


    Box 4


    Manuscripts – A History of Sandusky and Erie County 1965; Put-In-Bay 196= 5


    1. Corrected Copy-A History of Sandusky and Erie County
    2. Correspondence – A History of Sandusky and = Erie County
    3. Handwritten Manuscript – A History of Sandusky and Erie County
    4. Typescript – A History of Sandusky and = Erie County
    5. Typescript – Put-In-Bay
    6. Corrected Typescript – Put-In-Bay
    7. Steamships Note Cards
    8. Tape Recorded Interview 4/21/1971
    9. Books: A History of Sandusky and Erie County; Put-In-Bay


    Box 5


    Manuscripts - Rebels on Lake = Erie 1965


    1. – Rebels on Lake Erie
    2. – Rebels on Lake Erie
    3. – Rebels on <= st1:place w:st=3D"on">Lake Erie
    4. – Rebels on <= st1:place w:st=3D"on">Lake Erie
    5. – Rebels on Lake Erie


          = Box 6


          Manuscr= ipts – Sandusky’s Yesterdays= 1968


    1. Correspondence - Sandusky’s Yesterdays
    2. Typescripts = Sandusky’s Yesterdays
    3. Footnotes = Sandusky’s Yesterdays
    4. First Proof – Sandusky’s Yesterdays
    5. Galley Proofs Sandusky’s Yesterdays


    Box 7


    Manuscripts – Sandusky’s Yesterdays 1968


    1. Drafts and 0Research Material –= SanduskyR= 17;s Yesterdays
    2. Drafts and Research Materials –= Sandusky̵= 7;s Yesterdays
    3. Edited Typescript – Sandusky’s Yesterdays


       &nb= sp; Box 8


       &nb= sp; Manuscripts - Rebels on Lake Erie 1965


    1.      Correspondence – Rebels on Lake Erie

    2.      “Fanmail” and notes - Rebels on Lake Erie=

    3.      Research Notes – Rebels on Lake Erie

    4.      Miscellaneous research material - Rebels on Lake Erie

    5.      Inspection of Prison 1863-1865 - Rebels on Lake Erie

    6.      John Y Beall - Rebels on Lake Erie 

    7.      Piracy - Rebels on Lake Erie 

    8.      First draft – Rebels on Lake Erie

    9.&n= bsp;     Rewrites – Rebels on Lake Erie


       &nb= sp; Box 9


       =   Manuscripts – = Sandusky’s  3rdDimension 1971


    1.      Correspondence - Sandusky’s 3rd Dimension

    2.      Draft and Research Material – Sandusky’s 3rd Dimension

    3.      Typescript -  Sandusky’s 3rd Dimension

    4.      Corrected Typescript – Sandusky’s 3rd Dimension

    5.      Books: Sandusky’s 3rd Dimension<= /p>


       &nb= sp; Box 10


       &nb= sp; Manuscripts - Sandusky’s Editor 1972<= /p>


    1.      Correspondence - Sandusky’s Editor

    2.      Research Material Sandusky’s Editor

    3.      First draft Sandusky’s E= ditor

    4.      Second Draft  - Sandusky= ’s Editor

    5.      Typescript –