The Hayes Museum/Library shortly after its opening.Q: When did the Hayes Museum open?
A: May 30, 1916 - it is the nation’s FIRST presidential center. It was used as a model for construction of the FDR site.

Q: When did the Hayes Home open to for public tours?
A: Daily public tours of the Hayes Home were in 1966.

Q: How is the Hayes Library & Museums funded?
A: The Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Library & Museums generates about 80 percent of its funding through admissions, memberships, donations, and its Trust Fund. The remaining 35 percent is provided by the State of Ohio. Hayes receives no funding from the federal government and is not part of the federal system of presidential libraries.

Q: What years did Rutherford B. Hayes serve as President?
A: Hayes was our 19th President, serving from 1877 to 1881. In keeping with his campaign promise, he chose to serve only one term.

Q: To which political party did President Hayes belong?
A: Hayes was a Republican.

Q: When and where was President Hayes born?
A: Rutherford B. Hayes was born October 4, 1822, in Delaware, Ohio.

The Hayes Tomb in Spiegel Grove.Q: Where is President Hayes buried?
A. President and Mrs. Hayes are buried just south of the Hayes Home, within the grounds of Spiegel Grove. A granite tombstone, quarried from the Hayes homestead in Dummerstown, Vermont, marks their burial site.